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Did I mention that I hate doctors?

No? Well, forgive the oversight. I, once again, have much to update on...most or all of it concerning doctors.
Week before last I went in to do my glucose test. Twice. Both times, it came back high. I don't know what the numbers were, I haven't asked and they haven't found it pertinent information to tell me. I have gestational diabetes. This in itself, apparently isn't all *that* bad...at least, not according to the UW. The clinic on the other hand, is treating it like I'm going to die at any moment.
So, having discovered that I *do* indeed have this pleasant little thing...the clinic made appointments for me at the UW, for the nutritionist and the nurse. I went last Tuesday. Things went alright, I talked to the nutritionist, who went over a new diet for me, since we're trying to control it by diet. Basically, I have to watch my carbs and my sugar..but mostly my carbs. She told me I have room to play with my diet a little since everyone's body reacts differently to things.
Next, I saw the nurse. She showed me how to use one of those nifty little vampire machines. Yes, I have to submit 6 times a day for a blood sugar reading. Peachy. And, I can only take from my finger tips, not my arm. I suppose its not all that bad...I just don't care for needles *that* much, really.
For the past week, I've been trying to adjust to this diet, and keeping track of my blood sugar. As one might expect, I've had good days and I've had bad days. Keep in mind that the nutritionist and the nurse both said that if I go over, it wasn't a big deal. I would just need to try and balance out my carbs a little bit more on the next meal. Okay, got it, no problem. I'm supposed to fast for 8 hours before I have my breakfast, then check my blood. After fasting, I should be below 95 and after my meal I should be under 140. I'm guessing between meals I'm supposed to be somewhere between. During this last week, Marilyn (who heads the program at the clinic) calls me for my numbers....nevermind that I have to bring them in when I visit.
Yesterday, I went in for my regular appointment at the clinic. First I went to see the nutritionist, as per usual. Of course, she wants to know what I've been eating, etc...so, I tell her. And get a mini-lecture on the diabetes and the diet. *sigh* Fine.
Next I go see the midwives. Most of them, I like. This new one....I didn't. She was condescending....through the entire appointment. I'm pregnant, woman NOT stupid. She gave me shit about my sleeping schedule. Now, mind you, all the midwives I've seen - at the hospital or at the clinic - know that I'm up all night and sleep during the day. None of them has *ever* given me shit about it. Just as long as I'm getting the amount of sleep that I need, they don't care. This new one...wants me to eat earlier in the day, because it would be better for my acid reflux....it wouldn't hit me when I went to bed. Well, first, its not always when I go to bed. Second, I don't always have it. The other concern was the diabetes - but the nurse and the dietician at the hospital said that as long as I have a regular schedule of eating, it was fine.
This new midwife also gave me crap about my diet. Now, I realize, I could do a little better...but, its been a week! I'm trying and learning. She's given me one more week (that's right folks, a total of 7 more days to change a lifetime of eating habits) to 'get it under control' or I'll be on medication. Now, I'm no expert...but, to me, that doesn't seem like sufficient time to learn how to manage the diet completely. Nevermind that everyone has good and bad days - even my friend who's had diebetes his entire life. Oh, yeah, she even wants me to go through and circle all my high numbers - so I can keep track of how often I'm high. *grumble* Feel like going back to elementary school anyone?
Of course, I find this progressively frustrating.....who wouldn't? The nurse comes in, and takes my blood pressure a second time, for some unknown reason. It was fine the first time from what I understand, but apparently there's a need for a second testing? Now I have to go to the hospital next week (or later this week, I have an appointment on Thursday, but I'm not entirely sure what its for), for hypertension testing. Oh, and because the nurse can't read my file and see that I need a certain type of urine test for the kidney - I have to go and take a 12 hour test. *sigh* I have to pee into a cup for 12 freakin' hours. Apparently, per the midwife, who kept pressing me to pee into a different cup at the end of the appointment, wasn't satisfied that well, I couldn't go..considering I'd gone about 20 minutes before. *snarl* I guess I'm supposed to store it up for her convenience?
So, to sum this up....I have one more week to 'control' my diet, or I go on medication. This week I have an appointment at the hospital - either for hypertension or for the urine work. Next week, I have 2 appointments at the hospital - one for hypertension and the other for more bloodwork. Plus, I have to make my regular 2 week check up appointment at the clinic again.

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