onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Dec 31, 2001 1:26 pm

Tarot reading.
Cosmic Tarot - Major Arcana only.
Path of Balance spread
No specific question - learning cards.

Spread breaks down to: Top half is the head. Bottom half is the legs or ability to balance. Left half is female. Right half is male. Position 1 starts with "head", then to the left is 2, below it 3. Right is 4, below it 5 and directly below position 1 is 6.

1. Current communication mode
2. Self esteem and intuition
3. Emotion expression - ability to give/recieve
4. Personal power - Energy/leadership. Ability to initiate.
5. Inner teacher - lessons/opportunities within
6. Quality of relationship

1. Death (reversed) - stagnation
2. Tower (reversed) - worry
3. Magician (reversed) - Confusion
4. Hanged man (reversed) - progress
5. The Hermit (reversed) - retreat
6. The Star (reversed) - Loss

My current communication mode is stagnant. Worry plays a part in my intuition - possibly both relate to job and finances. My emotional expression is confused. Yet by the reversed hang man - I'm making progress in personal power. The hermit suggests that I'm retreating from opportunity. The star indicates loss if I don't move.
Bryan said that maybe I'm being told if I get something started, everything else will fall into place. Please let me have the power source to get started!

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