onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Well, I've been a good girl...sort of. I had a big to do list...and managed to do 2 things off of it. Heh. I called and made an appointment with the doctor for next week for my blood pressure. Thankfully, they had an opening on Monday...which is the same as my WIC appointment, so only one trip to Seattle. Yay me!
The next call I made was to Bryan, about Saturday. A group of us are going to dinner to celebrate my birthday. Unfortunately, he's not feeling well, so isn't sure he'll be able to make it. He said he'd let me know Thursday or Friday. Disappointing, but understandable. I hope he feels better. It was nice to just talk to him for a little bit anyway...I really do need to keep in touch with him more often.
On a far less happy note....I'm worried about my blood sugar. There's been a few times this week where its spiked, and I've had nothing to eat. I'll test the machine tonight and make sure its calibrated correctly. If it is, I'll talk to the midwife on Monday...it just doesn't seem right to be at 107 after my meal, then at 143 two hours later, when I've had nothing in between. As I don't know much about gestational diabetes, or any other form of diabetes, its entirely possible its normal.....but then again...
Oh...and I've remembered what the concern was with my blood pressure - preeclympsia. I think that's how its spelled. I'll look it up later and find some information on it...that way I'm aware too.

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