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Well, so far, I have the living room *mostly* picked up. Got the catch-all coffee table cleaned, even burned some insense. Yay me! There's still some stuff on the floor, and the couch needs to be put back together with blankets folded. Still, the little bit I've done so far has been a vast improvement. I don't think I'll vacuum tonight, mostly because its getting late.
I even managed a load of laundry...well, finishing it now actually. Forgot I had started it..heh. At least it's in the dryer before they go to bed...I'll have to remember to go get it in the morning before we leave. Tonight has been fairly calm...and I've had a fair amount of energy. I'm happy that I seem motivated enough....even if it is in small spurts, to actually get *something* done around here. I've been feeling guilty over not really keeping the house. Its not that difficult, and its not like its filthy...just seems like a lot to do with the boxes and all.
Talking to mom on IM...she just told me that she went down to Anchor Tattoo in Ballard and had her pansy tattoo redone. She said that she likes it. Fenris and I checked that out a couple weeks ago...didn't find much of interest there to either one of us. I'll have to see mom's tatt and see how well he did. She said it wasn't a bad experience....and I'm not sure on the cost, but most likely fairly reasonable.
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