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The doctor's yesterday wasn't so bad. Blood pressure is on the high end of normal - so, not bad, but it means they'll be keeping a closer eye on it. I've made another appointment for next week to do it all over again. Saw the one midwife that neither Fenris or myself particularly care for...this time she had a student with her, so she wasn't quite as condescending as last time. I expressed my concern about the blood sugar spiking...and she's going to consult the doctors at the diabetic clinic at UW. If medication is recommended, or if they want to run more tests, talk, etc..they'll call. So far, no call.
On a plus note, I think I've finally decided what I want to do with my journal. I've been hopping through some communties, and found one for Bettie Page. I think I'll use a pic of her that's circulated, and a new style. Her black and white stuff is dark enough that I should be able to find a font color that I'm happy with, and can read decently. I love the pic I have now, but its hard for me to find a font color that doesn't wig my eyes.

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