onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Yet more of the doctors and such

It's official...I am now a high risk pregnancy. They've given me medication for the diabeties, to keep my blood sugar lower. The irony to this is that the medication can give me hypoglycemia. On one hand, I'm not supposed to have sugar...on the other, I should carry something with sugar with me, just in case. Heh.
The other thing is, they want me to go in every week still, but now for other things. Still keeping an eye on the blood pressure, but they will also be doing a 'non-stress test'...which is effectively monitoring the baby's heartbeat on a machine. Instead of going to the clinic for this, though, I have to go to the hospital because the clinic doesn't have the machines to do it. They also want to do another blood test on me (I don't have any more to give, damnit!) to see if I had diebeties before the pregnancy. I'm thinking I may have had hypoglycemia, because I had some of the symptoms of it before I was pregnant. We'll see I guess.
I think the midwife placed me at 33 weeks. I'll have to check next week...she kind of skimmed over that, but it seems I'm almost full term. The time will go by quicker now that I'm going every week, heh.

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