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Diet frustrations

Alright, so this medication is messing up my diet entirely. I woke up this morning with a blood sugar level of 59 - which is too low. So, I have a quarter glass of milk, a thing of yogurt (which has sugar and was a good quick fix) and a bowl of cereal. Last time my sugar was so low, when I had about the same carbs, I was still shakey. I checked my blood an hour after eating, as I'm supposed to - and now its at 221. YIKES! I've had blood sugar that high the last couple days at various points, and its only since I've had the medication.
If I follow the diet strictly, my blood sugar drops well below what it should be. If I make adjustments in carbs and such to try and counteract that - it sky rockets. I don't know what to do anymore...and I'm so frustrated with this, that I want to just sit and cry. I just took my pill, so hopefully it won't be too long before my blood sugar drops again. *sigh* I go to the doctor on Tuesday, and I want to talk to them about this....but I'm afraid they'll put me on bedrest...or worse, in the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy.

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