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Well, first order of the day was to head back down to the doctors. Grrr. I went to see the diabetes nurse, and expressed some of my concerns to her about the blood sugar. She said that what's happening is that my body is finally needing more insulin and isn't producing enough....and that just happens to coincide with the meds. She also told me that all I really have to watch is my carbs - eat lower carbs and more fats and protiens. She even said that ice cream before bed is good! Yay! I mean, real ice cream...the higher in fat, the better. ~dances rejoicefully~
Anyway, I think it cleared a few things up. I've done okay with my sugars today, the only one I had an issue with was this afternoon. But, I ate a McD's and thought it might be kinda high. I had a lot of fries...but I was really hungry, and didn't expect to eat until later. We also came up with a schedule for me that seems workable. I have to sleep around my eating, but as I'm not working, I think I can do that. And she doesn't have me up at God Awful in the morning, which is a relief. No cereal in the mornings for me though, toast and peanut butter or some such. At least I can have yogurt though - just need to check labels for carbs and go with the one with the least amount. I can cope with that. Did the blood draw today too. That was a little fiasco, but fortunately not hard to correct. No one got the lab paper work to the lab...so, I had to go back to the midwives and get the paperwork. That's the problem with them just telling me on the fly to do it. Granted, they told me yesterday...but, still. Again, problem easily resolved, blood taken. And all this with enough time to take Fenris to work, with time for us to stop and eat and him to be early even.
After dropping Fenris off at work, I had that outergrove class tonight. The original location was supposed to be in Factoria. I get there at about 6 pm, which is when class starts. Knock on the door, and the lady tells me she's not feeling well, so its been cancelled. Grrr. Of course, if I'd checked my messages earlier in the day, I would have gotten one from the teacher telling me the location has changed. I called his cell phone, which doesn't get reception in the new location.....which I would have known, had I listened to the 2nd message before calling him. I called the land line that was left, and got directions for the new location. Oi vey! Talk about hectic and scattered! But, I made it...and only an hour late. The new location is in Lynnwood, and was really easy to find.....all except the actual building. They need to label those better!
I had meant to pack the questions we had for 'homework' and answer them at the doctors, but I had forgotten them this morning. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one who forgot them! Whew! I have to have them done by next class...which is fine, I have a whole month. We also have some information to read over in the form of a handout. I think I can manage it though :) I know almost everyone in this class. In fact, there's only one person who's new to me, and she seems really nice. I had a lot of fun learning and socializing :)
I also got caught up on a few mutual friends that I haven't seen in a long time. One of which used to be my best friend, but things ended rather...oddly. That's a story I'll go into another time. I saw pictures of his kids...and, they've grown....a lot! I thought about going by and saying hi, but I'm not sure I want to. Again, that's a can of worms I'll delve into later if I remember.
To sum it up...despite spending part of my afternoon at the doctors, and being an hour late to class...its been a really good day!

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