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I've added uberdaddybear to my friends list, because I like the idea of his daily writing assignment. Lately, I've felt like the journal is more or less useless. Oh, sure, it helps now that I go to the doctors every week, and I can keep people updated on that. But, I don't have much going on at the moment....and though I list some thoughts on things I want to do around the house, who wants to read what I've managed to clean? And, on that note, of yet today...its been nothing but clothes. Unmotivated once again.
I'm going to make myself some coffee, and return to do today's writing assignment :) I have a jar I should find too, which has some questions in it for journaling. It was given to my mother, but she doesn't use it. Not all of the questions apply to me, but perhaps I can ask them anyway, and see what kinds of responses are given. Hmmn. I'd ask my own, but I'm never good at asking questions that require actual thought in answering (well, thought for journaling style)...and I don't know where to 'find' them.

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