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Much accomplished today! Yes!
Fenris took me grocery shopping, so now I feel better about my choices of what to eat. We bought some stuff that will work for breakfast - quick and easy, low carbs and lots of protien. Oh, and the best part...I can toast and zap. Woo! We also got some sammich and snacky stuffs, and some sugar for those times when I'm low. Whew!
When we got home, he put up the scratching post in the corner. I got it all swept out, and tried to mop but the little pads we have aren't for the swifter and didn't stick well. Bah...still, it looks *much* cleaner now. And the cats love it! Yay! Even Bear is using it...at least as long as he can play with Baldur. I have the cat bed next to it, only because they knock it off as the toy is attached. They love the toy, and I know that Bear uses the cat bed. Hopefully that will keep them occupied for awhile :)
I've got my corner cleaned up a bit. Decided to use the 'extra' tv dinner table next to my computer to put all the decorative stuff that I don't really have room for on my desk. Its a little messy at the moment, as some things still need shuffling around, but my computer desk looks *much* neater! I even took a clorox wipey to it. I managed to empty 2 boxes sitting here. Okay, one only had computer paper, but still :P The other had some kitchen things and stuff from my computer desk at the apartment. Fenris had a great idea of putting the 2nd shelf of my desk up on end so Bear can't get back there to unplug the puter. It also gives me more room for things like the paper and a binder and such. I managed to get the floor swept over here too, underneath the desk and all.....I think I swept up enough cat hair to knit myself another cat!
We managed (well, okay *he* managed) to get the stereo stuff that's been sitting on our floor all arranged and hooked up. We moved the cd rack into the dining room, behind the computers. So, now all I have to do is move the cds there, and we'll have some free shelving on the tv unit. The arrangement of the stuff has gotten it picked up off the living room floor and opened it up a little. Plus, we now have stereo tv...heh. Now all I have to do there is pick up the living room some, fix the couch, vacuum and steam clean. That'll wait until another day though...I'm bushed!
I still have one box in here to empty, the one from work, but I can do that tonight or tomorrow. Fenris needs to clean his desk, and then it'll look *so* much nicer in here. Once those are done, I'll sweep and mop again. We had some ideas on the problem of shelving. We're thinking that if we just get some wall units, we can line the walls and have space for knick knacks and books. We can put some up behind the recliner as well, giving us more room to put things. I'd like to get some stuff to hang the pictures with too. I'm tired of the 'naked' walls :P
On a last note, I managed to get laundry put away. Tomorrow, I'll do more. I've had enough...and I'm really quite proud of myself for getting so much accomplished today!

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