onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Parallels in life

Mistress Irony made herself known in such a subtle way yesterday.
In my Monday night class, our homework was to write a system of government for our group and by-laws. Primarily of how to change laws and get them in place, etc. However, part of this is also coming up with laws for the group to follow.
On IRC I have a friend starting a new roleplay chat channel. This, of course, requires rules about various aspects of roleplay. Guess who gets to help him? Yep, me.
At that point, I hadn't done the homework for the class yet, but I had noted that Irony was certainly trying to tell me something. Heh. I discovered that I'm not particularly good at coming up with the rules or laws..but I'm good at adding to them, or making changes to them. The chat channel thing was also deciding a form of 'government' ...ie, how the ops would handle conflicts and what not. Yep, I think I was hit with a clue x 4. Heh
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