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I'm out of Glyburide. I only need this to help control my blood sugar, right? The problem with being out is that they never gave me a refill on it, so I can't just call the pharmacy and have them fill it. The midwives clinic isn't open on the weekends, and I only had enough to get me through until Sunday. Not a huge crises, but still. So, I call in today and talk to the midwife on call. I tell her that I was prescribed the meds, how much and what they've upped it to. I also tell her that they only gave me a small supply but never allowed for a refill. So, after a good 10 minutes of debating which pharamcy to send it to (She hates calling the hospital pharmacy because its 15 minutes of hold and you're hung up on, so she has to call several times), we decide on Walgreens just down the street. I give her the number and everything, she tells me that she'll call it in as soon as we hang up. Okay, fine, whatever.
Later in the evening, as we're getting ready to go to class, I call up said Walgreen's to check on the prescription. I give them all the info - where it was called in from, what kind of meds, name, etc. Guess what? Yep, that's right. Never called in. The guy even checks the computer to see if maybe it had been called into a different store...okay, its possible. No such luck.
So, I called UW pharmacy thinking that maybe she decided to see if she could get through since I would have preferred that one anyway. We were going to be in the Seattle area, so it wasn't a big deal to pop by the hospital and pick up the meds. Talked to the pharmacist....nope, no new prescriptions for me, though they can see the refill on the test strips for my sugar machine. Well, peachy...cept that's not what I need at the moment.
So, tonight, I have gone without necessary medicine because it was too late to call the midwives and have them recall a pharmacy to have it done. GRRRRR. I have to explain this tomorrow at my appointment, and I can just hear the lecture now. Just fucking peachy.

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