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Roleplay issues

Okay, I know that this shouldn't affect my life as it stands...but its so freakin' irritating. *sigh*
To start from the beginning - on one of the rp chat channels I'm part of, I'm having difficulty with another player. This goes back a couple of months, and has now come to terms in another situation. I'm beginning to think the bitch does this on purpose to make me look like the bad one.
I used to roleplay a slave char to her husband. Well, I get flirty OOC, and he seemed to encourage it. IC, my character was a little clingy to his, but he was her Master, and the only person she felt she could trust...to a degree. Well, the girl kept whinning how my char never talked to hers IC....nevermind that my char didn't really talk to anyone IC. She spoke when spoken too, and often times replied to J's character when spoken to. (I'll call her J for ease). He used to compain about her being such a bitch and how she got upset everytime I played onyx, etc. One night, everything blew up...he sold onyx, because of her, and she messaged me saying her marriage was pretty much over. No one said it outright - but it seems they both blame me for the problems. Nevermind that neither of them made boundaries clear, either IC or OOC.
Now, with another character of mine, and a 'new' player (New as in not J's husband), she's creating trouble. A (for ease of distinction) wants to collar my Luciana. I agreed...come to find out his other slave char is J. Grr. No biggie for me, I explain to him that we haven't had the best history (which she's already told him), but that I had no problem putting it aside to rp. She even told him that she could work things out, at lest IC. Then came the post to the message board for the game, that she didn't think it was a good sister pairing. Well, fine. I messaged A to talk to him about things, and to say that it was alright for me to pull out if needed. He told me that she had deleted her char, sighting that she didn't want to keep him hanging while she took a break from rp. I suppose I can see that - though to delete a char is a rather rash step to take. I got the impression it had more to do with me, or perhaps that's my own thinking *shrugs* Things had been set at that point, that A would be collaring me, though he may be a little harsh IC, given that he was loosing a slave. No biggie, I can cope.
Yesterday, she posts on the board a request to have A uncollar her char. I don't think much of it, guessing its more a formal step than anything. Today, A comes on and messages her, I presume to finalize details...as my understanding was the char had been deleted, which means it can't be recreated. Apparently, I was misled. He now wants to renegotiate my char's involvment. He still wants to collar her, but wants her to belong mostly to the char that's his wife, and work in the store he owns IC. I asked him about his use of my char, since he's the one my char wants to be with. And, ooc, I'm not keen on being with a Mistress...if I'd wanted that, I would have found myself a woman to Dom me. Not only that, but he said that he would still use her...when J was off playing another char or busy. *sigh* I don't expect to take her place, he did after all collar her long before me. However, I don't expect to be placed on the back burner either...and knowing J, I can just see her playing her char more so that I'm not with him so much ic. I wouldn't put it past her.
This whole thing has left me more frustrated than I should be over a fucking game. No matter what I do, she's set it up so that I look like the bad guy. If I stayed, I was insistant and unable to let go. If I back out, I wasn't willing to work it out where she was. Grrrrr.

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