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House ....stuffs...

I should be motivated, and I'm not. Its not as hot out today as it was yesterday, thankfully. I have energy, yesterday seemed to zap it all from me. I want to vacuum but Fenris is still asleep and I don't want to wake him yet. Besides, I just sat down with my first cup of coffee. I can't wait until I can have a real mocha without skyrocketing my blood sugars again.
So, I have plans for the house...a list of things to be done before Tuesday, and I'm hoping we make it. We have to go through the boxes in Pooh's room and get that set up for her. It won't be too long before she'll be living with us. (Oh lord! What the hell am I going to do with an 8 year old?!) ...and of course, there's the boxes in the baby's room, which is currently being used as storage. I want to get rid of some stuff, we don't have room for everything here, and I need to stop being a pack-rat. I don't want to end up like grandma - so much stuff in the house its *full* top to bottom. Overflowing full.
Gonna have him put up the sten unit today, so I can put at least some of my books away. Shelving! We need shelving! Also have plans on shopping for a carseat. A must have. I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but bambear and Kyros got us some stuff ..a stroller, a floor mat, a neat little carry thing. Next is a crib, but that can wait.
I also have to wash out the drawers to that plastic chest of drawers I have. I figure I can use that for the baby for now. Geeze, listing it all out...its a lot of work! We have company coming tomorrow for gaming, so I'd like the house to be clean at least. I'd like to get most of it done, so I don't have to worry about it. Bleh. At least its not as hot as yesterday...I can actually work in this weather


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Jun. 7th, 2003 03:07 pm (UTC)
THAT 8 yr old used to be very happy with computers, books, making art, helping with whatever an adult was doing. She didn't particularly get along with the children in that neighborhood, though. There's a female bully that had all the others cowed. Take her to Half Price Books' kids section and let her run wild stocking her own bookshelf. Heck, I'd even go along and help with the finances! Found an LJ community called CelticParents.com that I think you would like. Lots of pagan beliefs info there, too. Lady called Celticmomma seems interesting, too. Ad you can tell, I've been "frittering" away my day, between cleaning house and moving stock boxes, by exploring LJ. Take care.
Jun. 7th, 2003 07:27 pm (UTC)
Oh! Thank you! I'll join that community right away...I've been looking at ways to teach her of our beliefs. She likes helping my mom with scrapbooking I noticed - she even asked me when we were going to do it again. LOL. I'll take her out this summer too, to my cousins, she has kids that are a bit older and ceramics to keep her occupied. And, as for the bookshelf, we're gonna have to get her one first..hahaha. We plan on taking her book shopping at first, and letting her read to the baby if she wants.
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