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Table top roleplay - I get to be a vampire!

We are starting another campaign here at home. Tonight was spent doing character creation. So far, I like her, though I have to really flesh out her details and history. Kyros and Koram Dancer are willing to help, thankfully. I'm hoping this will push my creative limits :) I'm excited about doing the research for her. Granted, this may only last for a little bit, but I'm going to make use of it while I can. I've borrowed Kyros' book on timelines to begin. This means too, that I have to get into vampstory and reset it so that we can start afresh. I thought about doing a community for us that's out of character too - a place where we can bounce ideas and such off one another.
I'm hoping this will clear the writer's fog I've been having. Not a block exactly, as I have the ideas....just no cohesiveness to make the ideas form into more than idle musings. Mrrrr.
Mike was supposed to be over for this, but I don't think he realized it. He never showed, and we weren't able to reach him by phone. Hrrrm. But, we'll be gaming again soon - we've decided on every other week...barring prior plans and unforeseen events. I'm hoping this time I can keep up with the writing better than last time. Lots of things to keep me occupied during my day :)

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