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We are starting another campaign here at home. Tonight was spent doing character creation. So far, I like her, though I have to really flesh out her details and history. Kyros and Koram Dancer are willing to help, thankfully. I'm hoping this will push my creative limits :) I'm excited about doing the research for her. Granted, this may only last for a little bit, but I'm going to make use of it while I can. I've borrowed Kyros' book on timelines to begin. This means too, that I have to get into vampstory and reset it so that we can start afresh. I thought about doing a community for us that's out of character too - a place where we can bounce ideas and such off one another.
I'm hoping this will clear the writer's fog I've been having. Not a block exactly, as I have the ideas....just no cohesiveness to make the ideas form into more than idle musings. Mrrrr.
Mike was supposed to be over for this, but I don't think he realized it. He never showed, and we weren't able to reach him by phone. Hrrrm. But, we'll be gaming again soon - we've decided on every other week...barring prior plans and unforeseen events. I'm hoping this time I can keep up with the writing better than last time. Lots of things to keep me occupied during my day :)


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Jun. 8th, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC)
I am emailing you pieces of a weekly/monthly newsletter I get from Writer's Digest, including their monthly column, daily prompts for writing for every day of that month. At the bottom of the newsletter is information on subscribing to it for free. Actually, there is a cost-you have to put up with their commercials for books, the magazine, and their book club, but that I can handle, because sometimes they score on me. I already belong to their book club, and have spent wayyyy to much money on books from them that I haven't finished yet. If you decide to get into their bookclub, let me discuss the books with you. If I already have them, you can just borrow mine, then get something new that I can borrow!

This afternoon was fun. I'm sure I'll enjoy the game, because Dathean is an excellent DM. He also aids and abets my storytelling. Good combination, that!
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