onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Writing assignment

My three biggest peeves? Well, they change from time to time....but, today's are:

1. People who don't pay attention when they drive. I'm talking simple things....like turning your head when you're changing lanes. Simple, easy, *safe*. I almost got hit (quite literally) by one of these morons today, I don't think he even used his flippin' mirrors.

2. People who don't use turn signals - if you can't use one of the simplest operations of the vehicle, pull it over. You don't need to drive.

3. People who cut me off and *slow down* GRRRRR. I hate having to shift gears on the freeway because numbnuts has to pop over in my lane and decide to go 60 when I'm coming at 70. Stupid.

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