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And so the kid arrives....

I have the kid tonight, pretty much on my own. Meaning, without daddy. Though, she's had poppa here. All in all, its been a good night. Found a few things we have to work on...her mumbling being one of them. Paying attention and remembering things is another. Okay, well, the remembering things I may have a difficult time with myself. Bah.
Her mother dropped her off at the house, which was kinda surprising. Of course, mom didn't take the time to make sure Pooh was packed or anything. So, she's here with no clothes because she forgot. *sigh* Also, no medication.....its not like its -needed- or anything at all. That urks me the most I think....mom not even bothering to remember what she deems as necessary medication at the very least *grrrr* Lucky that when Pooh was last here, she forgot a couple pills because of an abrupt departure. Fortunate also that this isn't a life or death type medication. Maybe I worry too much....but that just seems *really* careless to me. Its a good thing we had a sleep shirt around for her....and a toothbrush that my mom gave her for Christmas. I'm not sure what we're gonna do about clothes tomorrow.....she may just have to wear what she did today. They didn't look to bad dirt wise, so I think it should be alright.
She's out of school next week - which means that he wants to move her in that weekend. That gives me one week to get that room cleared out for her so she has someplace to put her stuff....gah!! Not a lot of time.
Tonight was good though - she watched tv until dinner more or less. She even went to the store with David. Dinner went without a hitch...no having to tell her to eat everything. She did it on her own and didn't dally about it too much. Yay! We all ate at the table too, which I think helped. After dinner, we all played a game of Sorry. Poppa won...heh. After that, she got ready for bed...without having to be told several times. I even let her take a book to bed and read...though I don't think she read for very long. I checked on her a little bit later, like maybe 30 minutes later, and her lamp was out and she was sleeping. Kyros let the dog in there with her, and Morrigan obliged, staying for a little bit. The door is propped open just a little so the cats can go in and out too. Comfort thing, I think....and I'm fine with the cats being in her room if they want.

David put in a screen on the living room window today. Yay! Bear just *loves* it, he's been fascinated with that window ever since it went up. I'm glad that its been done, it'll keep the house a little cooler, and the cat happier. Though I have to remember to close it before bed...just to make me feel better. Something about having a window wide open in another room that bothers me a little.
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and that went fine. It was just the monitoring. I think I was there for an hour total, including getting money for parking and a muffin for breakfast. Not bad! Quickest one I've been to yet I think.
Oh, and Thursday night, I had computer problems. Big grrrrr. Kept getting a bad disk error - two bsod's. One of which I couldn't reboot to get by *sigh* Fortunately I had to go anyway, it was early Friday morning, and I had to be up for the dr. Glad that Fenris could get it fixed. So far, it seems to be cooperating just fine. Yay!
I think that's about the extent of it, I'm sure I'm forgetting something...but, yeah.

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