onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

More domestic..

I have this incredible urge to go home and wash everything down - starting with my room. Clean the carpets, wash the walls and the windows. Then put everything away. *sigh* Where are these coming from? I've never been this domestic. Can't be a sign that I'm getting old, can it? Or that I'm 'nesting'? I hope not...don't think I'm ready for either option. Maybe its just a way to vent the restlessness? Gah. What's happening to me??
Last night when I got home, I did rearrange my room. I think I like it this way better..seems to be more open space. Sandybear and Jenni liked it too. It felt weird though, sleeping with my head under the window. I think it'll be better too for when Tyr stays, more room to pull out the matresses, and if I get a bigger bed, they'll be more room for it.
Oh yes...I did the pros/cons list. Wanna see? Yah, I knew you did.

Current company:

1. Internet access
2. Benefits are good
3. Able to carpool with coworkers
4. Ample vacation time
5. Able to dress casually
6. Able to wear slippers (I love that ;) )
7. I like my coworkers
8. Its close to home
9. Pay is decent
10. Hours are good
11. Free internet account
12. Free parking
13. Weekends off

1. No holidays (okay, a couple, but not many)
2. Less money than clerical jobs
3. Cost of gas
4. Unpleasant customers
5. I hate that red light
6. No promotions

County job

1. I can read on the bus
2. Less customer relations
3. Park n ride is down the street
4. Discount on bus pass
5. Home earlier in the evening
6. Clerical work
7. Less gas and miles on my car
8. More pay
9. Good benefits (have worked for the county before)
10. Benefits
11. Possible promotions

1. Taking a bus
2. Cost of bus pass
3. Earlier hours
4. Less casual dress
5. No slippers (Awwww)
6. No parking or pay parking
7. Located downtown
8. No internet access
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