onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Long day....

Started with the doctor, which wasn't bad. Seems everyone was running behind. Got the NST done, then had lunch and back up for the midwives. Finally asked about the hemoglobin test they did a couple weeks ago - seems that from the findings I most likely was not diabetic before the pregnancy (whew), and that my blood sugars are not too out of whack overall. She said, too, that another ultrasound would depend on clinical findings, but most likely I won't need one. I asked about induced labor, since it had been mentioned on a prior appointment. She said that they won't even consider that until week 39, and at that point, they'll check growth of the baby and my cervix and do a week by week call - though most likely I won't go much beyond the 40 weeks.
After the doctors, we went over to mom's so Fenris could help her move her dvd player. Nothing terribly exciting there really...just hung around a little and chit chatted. We had plans to go down to Tukwila/Renton area, so no point in coming home.
Made it down to Sacred Traditions and went on a bit of a shopping spree. Probably shouldn't have, but its not like we do it all the time. Bought some oils, an oil burner, a deck of Tarot cards for me (Legend - Arthurian Tarot), a scent necklace for me (Faery), some scent pads for him for his necklace, a chain for my Goddess (I have her on now, yay!), and a grab bag of homemade soaps. MMmmmm. I love her soaps. Now all I need is a little soap dish, heh. Oh, and can't forget two dragon goblets...which can be used for our handfasting.
After that, it was down to Jenni and Rob's. I guess they didn't realize we were coming down today - so we ended up visiting Chris and Betta for a bit. Well, more Chris. Rob and Jenni did show up before we left though - and we stayed to chat with them a bit. Even got to say hi to Helena :) I wanna go down more often, but maybe after the baby is born. Claimed the boxes that they had for me - apparently I'd left a few things behind. I've returned their key to them - and have gotten phone numbers for them now :)
Now, we're home - and I haven't been on the computer much *gasp* ... I played with my Tarot cards some, and have a bit of finishing up to do with those. I also got a wonderful foot massage *beams* Once we got home, I of course, had to burn an oil. One of the ones we got is Nag Champa. I love that smell...its so fresh and clean. Unfortunately, it makes him all stuffy. He's directed me now to webshots for desktop pics...I've spent the last hour there I think, and I've downloaded tons of Fae and dragon stuff...happy me!
I think I'm gonna go to bed now.

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