onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

S.A.G.E. Test Results
Your Raw Score is: 295, which indicates that overall you are Androgynous

Your appearance is Androgynous

Your brain processes are mostly that of a Androgynous person.

You appear to socialize in a androgynous manner.

You believe you have normal doubts about your gender identity.

You indicated your were born Female.

Female to Male Crossdresser

You are in a statistical minority as a anallophilic crossdresser. Most crossdressers are heterosexual. Your motivation for crossdressing may be driven by the undirected nature of your sexuality, as a way to more fully explore the Male gender role.

Interesting, especially considering I don't have doubts about my gender identity. Cross dressing? Not unless you consider jeans and a t-shirt as cross dressing....I have no real interest in it for myself. *shrug*
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