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You are a... Happy Dream!

What Kind of Dream Are You
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All Souls' Night
You are "All Souls' Night".

Which Loreena McKennitt song are you?
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Yugi Motot/Yami Yugi
you are YUGI MOTO. Yugi is a duellist with a lot of
confidence who is never afraid to fight for
what is right. Yugi often takes risks that no
other person would even consider in order to
help out his friends and those he cares for,
however sometimes the risks are too great for
even him to take care of. Yugi's caring nature
has lead him into a number of risky situations
but with the help of his friends he has
successfully over come every one of them. A
number of years ago Yugi successfully assembled
the Millennium Puzzle and was fused with the
ancient energies of his ancestor, Yami Yugi. To
begin with Yugi did not realise that his Yami
side existed as a force to guided him, but when
he began to realise the power of the Millennium
Puzzle he began to fear what it might make him
do to his friends. The two later began to work
together rather than against each other, but
Yami still harbours many secrets that neither
he nor Yugi knows about.

Yu-Gi-Oh Card Personality Test
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