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I hate insurance

I called in a refill order on my test strips for my sugar machine yesterday, as I have only one container of 25 left. I figured it would be fine, and I could pick it up on Thursday since I'd be at the hospital anyway. Earlier, I get a call from the pharmacist, saying that insurance won't cover a refill until next month because they only cover for so many strips per month. She continues to inform me that I'll need to have the doctor rewrite the prescription to include the 'extra' times I check my blood. Nevermind that all the mid-wives and the diabetic clinic tell me that if I feel low on blood sugar, I should check it. Also, if I think something may affect my blood sugar drastically food wise, to check after I eat it. However, it seems insurance only allows for me to check it 6 times a day, period.
I let it go at that, thinking I'd just talk to a mid-wife tomorrow if able. No such luck. The pharmacist just called back and told me that the insurance isn't going to cover it at all, even with a new prescription. GRRRRR. I don't have enough to last me until insurance decides they can cover it, I don't think. I mean, I know its not that far away until the beginning of the month....but, still. Well, 25 strips, if I'm just checking 6 times a day and don't mess up (as in not enough blood in the strip) means I have enough to last me for about 4 days. *sigh* She said that a box of 50 is $41.30 and encouraged me to check elsewhere. I may see if the clinic can do a refill, but I'm not sure. I hate this. Its not like I give these things away. I mean, really, I only *need* them.

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