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Gah. 45 people in the queue..and it's friday! *sighs* It figures..been that kinda week for me.

I just checked on my book from B&N .. I had given my work addy as an alternate addy - and it appears as if its been refused. *steams* Refused. Of course..its not Robert out there...its some other security guard, has been all week. Robert wouldn't have refused it. *grumps* To be honest, I'm not sure I let front desk know it was on its way...but, Robert knows who I am..none of these other people do. I'm annoyed.

Last night was alright..was tired, so had minimal enjoyment for the night. The music was good, as usual. Fortunately, when I took over the door, no one came in. Danny kept me company most of the night, which helped the time pass. Then I just played solitaire to try and keep myself from passing out. When I got home, I crawled into bed. Still tired this morning, but at least I got some sleep last night.

Went to Freddie's before going home...had the keys made. Guess what? They don't work. *sighs* They do for the door knob, but not the dead bolt. Jenni was asleep this morning, so I couldn't tell her not to lock the dead bolt. If I'd been thinking...I could have written her a note. Oh well. I left Tyr my key, so he can at least get in. Now, hopefully he's home when I get there...heh. I'll get back to Freddies tonight, maybe. I think I forgot the reciept at the house though. *sigh* Erg. Oh well..I'll get directions back there this weekend to get the keys redone. It would be most helpful for them to work both locks. I also picked up some much needed hangars. Nice plastic ones. Oh! And my best find...a box. Yep..a box. Its like a chest. Its big enough for my larges deck of tarot cards, and deep enough to hold them all! Its a plain brown light cardboardy color..and in fact, I think its just made out of heavy cardboard, which is fine by me. I stenciled a dragon onto it last night. *grin* It looks kinda cool...maybe tonight I'll stencil more stuff onto it. The pens took better than I thought - its covered with a glossy kinda paper, and the pen had been just wiping right off, but when I got home from the grind, they'd dried and set. It goes pretty well with my bedroom too..and there's a great spot right by the door for it! Now, I just need pictures up in my room *smirk*

I didn't clean like I'd wanted...no energy to do so last night, plus I had to leave anyway. Cleaning is one of those things I like to do when I'm not going anywhere. I like to just flop down on the couch after and just veg. I think the shift change for Jenni is working well too..I like to be alone when I clean. With her gone at night, I do better at picking up and cleaning. Okay, still not perfect..but better. I enjoy having the place to myself at night..and she's home early enough that we can still gab for a bit before I head to bed.

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