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Weekend in review

Lots going on this weekend. I should have updated earlier, but in truth I was too tired to even feel like being at the computer :) This is a good thing, though.

Saturday was my uncle's 50th birthday party at the zoo. We got there later than expected, but that's okay. Mom had everything set up by the North enterance. We finally found parking by the West enterance, so it was a bit of a walk. Fenris wasn't feeling well, so he ended up staying home. That's part of why we were late getting to the zoo, he wanted to sleep a little and see if he felt any better. Unfortunately, he didn't....and it takes a bit to make sure the kidlet is ready to go, and then, of course, myself.

Once we got there things were fine though. We missed the scavanger hunt that Uncle Bill had planned, but that's okay. We went through the butterfly exhibit first, and Pooh seemed to love it. We got her a disposable camera to take with, and she went through half of it just there. After that, we went and saw the new jaguar exhibit. Its really neat, but at the time it was too hot out for the cat - so he stayed back in the shade out of sight. Its a nice little trail back there though, and we walked along it to see the Lemurs and Gorillas. Pan used all her film, so when we came out, mom bought her another disposable camera. Once done with that, Pan and I had lunch because it was getting close to cake time at the party and we hadn't eaten.
When we got back to the picnic area, I discovered that most of my family had shown up :) It was nice to see everyone, especially those from Eastern Washington. I must admit though, I got confused by all the kids....even the teenagers! I remember when they were little, and I guess its been some time since I've seen them. Ugh. The cake was good, and we sat around talking after. Everyone wanted to know when the baby was due and if I was ready. Yes!! More than ready, I think. Pan played with some of my younger cousins, and that was fun.
Later in the afternoon, we went back to look at some other exhibits. Though most of the family by this time had left, so it was just my mom, grandma, uncle Bill and aunt Cheryl, Pan and I. Pan wanted to go through the Rainforest exhibit, but we weren't able to do that because of grandma being in the wheelchair. I promised her that next time we came to the zoo (probably after the baby is born) that we could go through if she wanted. We got to see the jaguar this time through as he was up front, pulling on a vine to do some 'redecorating'. I think I got some good pics of it, I'm just hoping the glass doesn't reflect too much. I know that Pan took some....she used the whole 2nd roll! I can't remember now what other exhibits we saw, but between Pan and I we got a lot of pics! It was a lot of fun, and I want to go again soon...but not until after the baby. haha. Lots of walking - Cheryl thought I was gonna walk myself into labor :) It almost felt like it a couple times!

Yesterday was the Pride Parade. That was lots of fun too, though I missed the parade itself. We caught up with Koram and her friend, Flora. It was nice to set up camp in the park where the parade ends. I didn't get up to go watch it though - and I think I should have. I still had a great time though - it was fun to people watch, and there were so many really neat costumes going by.

We saw Bryan there, apparently Kyros grabbed him and pointed our little group out to him. I got to meet a couple that lives just down the street from us apparently, and that Fenris has been wanted to introduce me to for awhile. They seemed really nice :) There were lots of vendors there, though I didn't get up to walk around much...it was too nice just sitting in the chair and talking to everyone. Saw some people we knew, and chatted with them for a bit as well. Even with the sprinkling off and on, it was nice. Not too warm, but not really cold either. The stage had some nice entertainment going, though I couldn't see it real well from where I was at. It was nice to listen to :) We left when it started to sprinkle harder, and its a good thing we did. We weren't on the freeway long before it started to hail. When we got to the car, I heard it thunder. I'm all good for parades and things, but I'm a fairweather person :P
The big news of the day - and not so good news, was that I lost my sugar machine. I went all day yesterday without it. I had it attached to my purse, but apparently somewhere along the way, it got detached. Fortunately, someone turned it in somewhere. I didn't know until we got home though - got a call from some small ambulance company (Like Mercy or one of those), and they said that they had it and would have someone take it to the station out here in Everett. RELIEF! I'm so glad that they have it.

Today, I have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon, and hopefully after that we'll stop to get my hard drive. Fenris is going to take care of the life sucking chair at the trailor today, if Mike comes over. I'm hoping he does soon, considering the time. Fenris called the company who has my machine, and the supe didn't know anything about it, so she's going to call around for more information and call us back. I'm hoping that happens soon too, I'd really like to have it back to take with me to the doctors. If not, I guess that's okay...I know whereabouts it is, so I can work on getting it back. Much relief there.
That's my weekend in review, or as much of it as I remember at this time :) More later if I'm not too tired or anything.

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