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Two days at the doctor....oh yeah, and the rest of my 4th

Yesterday I had my routine NST appointment. Traffic was just nasty on the way in, so I was a little late. I stopped for a mocha on my way in, as I sometimes do. Normally, it doesn't really affect the baby that much - but apparently it set him off yesterday. I was on the monitor for about an hour I think, and he wouldn't calm down. His heart rate was consistantly in the 180s to 190s, and she was saying that his base rate is 160s. She took me off the machine for about 30 minutes to see if it would calm the baby down. Even on caffiene, he's not usually quite that active. I wandered down to the gift shop and got some water and something to munch on, then curled up on a sofa in the main lobby area to read. When I got back, she hooked me up again and I was there for at least another 15 minutes. He still didnt slow down any, so she took me off again and said that she'd talk to the midwife. Of course, they took my temperature and my blood sugar, which was a little high but nothing to be concerned about. My temp was fine. The midwife told me to call Labor and Delivery today and come in for another NST - the MICC was closed today due to the holiday.
Oh, yes, and I got my test strips as well as more glyburide. I was actually sorta surprised they had the glyburide refill ready, but that's a nice surprise. So, after spending hours at the hospital, I headed home....only to be caught in a mass traffic thing. GRRRRR. From Northgate out past Everett mall - stop and go, and when it did move, it was slooooowwww. And it was hot out. GRRRRR.
I called L&D about noon today - as I ended up sleeping in much later than I had really wanted. The nurse said to come in as soon as I could - the sooner the better. So I ate, showered, dressed and went about my merry way. In all, I think I spent like 3 hours at the hospital today too.....yeah, happy 4th *grumble* It wasn't so bad though, I got a lot of reading done, and even got a nap. They said that the baby is fine, heart rate is 'normal', but that my blood pressure was high, even for me. So, they did a pressure check every 15 minutes, a blood test and a urine test. I had to wait an hour at least for the result of the blood test. The urine proved negative for protien though, which is a good thing. The blood test finally came back and showed negative for preeclempsia. After that, I just had to wait for a doctor to tell me I could go home, since my blood pressure was coming down and normal by the last one. The doctor okayed me coming home today, but said that I need to rest - no house cleaning even. Damnit. I have company coming over Sunday, and though there isn't really a lot to do - I'd like to do it. *mutter*
I also told Pan that we could make cookies today. David had some premade batter stuff he bought, and he put it in the fridge for us to use. When I came home, I grabbed some lunch which consisted of lots of cereal (bad onyx, I know), and a little bit of apple stolen from Pan's snack (I know, I know!). While I ate, we played one of her games that we bought but haven't played. She said that it was fun and she wanted to play it again sometime. Yay! After lunch, I took a nap, a much needed one I think. My blood sugars were *really* high, even after my nap. I fixed us hot dogs on the George Forman like grill and we talked while we had dinner. David and Kyros went out, so it was just kidlet and I. Dinner was lovely :) After dinner, we made the cookies - enough to fill a large tupperware thing. She likes stamping the cookies she said. We have a little cookie stamp that's a pentagram. We finished the little bucket of dough and the cookies have turned out great! As the last batch was baking, we sat down and had milk & cookies. Yuummm.
After that, she got ready for bed, and we headed out into the alley to see the fireworks. I met some of the neighbors in the complex behind us, they were really nice people :) It was fun watching all the pretty fireworks go off, and I think Pan had a great time. She even got a sparkler from one of the kids. Yay! It was almost midnight before she got to bed, but she was exhausted!
Speaking of bed...I should probably head there myself!

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