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Well, I'm figuring this out. I like this live journal...better than diaryland. Oh, don't get me wrong, diaryland is good...but, this is more fun, if a little more confusing. I just noticed my roomie made a comment on an entry I made...yep, that would be the Jenni Kitty (grins and waves). I'm not sure how to post to communities yet..and I noticed that the community page has been down for a bit. I found chickland by accident. Right now, I just have work to play around with this. I'll do more when I get a connection at home (Saturday!! Yay!!!) A few minutes left here on lunch..erg. 36 people waiting in the queue...don't these freaks have anything better to do?? :P
I shared my morning with kitty again - I call her kitty because I have absolutely no idea how to spell her name. Thank the roomie for coming up with it - it is her kitty after all. Paiwacket? Piewacket? Well, it sounds like pie-wacket....she's a cutie. She even came out of the room to say hi to me. Awwwwww. I'm loved. Accepted even. And she likes my bed...what an odd little kitty. That just speaks oodles of personality though! (grin)
GAHHHHHHH. I hate our proxy. Stupid thing crashed.....~whimper~ Cut off from Tyr...that's just WRONG! Now I'm frustrated. It won't let me back on. ~sigh~ At least I'm not the only one. I hate this. No webpages...I can't update this one yet....erg. I hate proxy. Proxy should die. ~grumble~
And ... we were talking too...really talking. About my last entry. I didn't scare him off ... feel the relief eminate from me. It worries him, but this I knew. And I know why. We can cope with this. He even understands the lending thing....he would like 2 women. But...its not something he's actively persued. I'm not sure I'd handle it very well. Watching him with another woman.....I think it would be too much for me, which is why if he never lends me out, it won't bother me in the least. I won't be disappointed. I want to fulfill his fantasies too, if we can. And, its not fair to ask of him what I can't give in return.
Yay..proxy let me in! But...Tyr is gone. ~whimper~ Stupid, stupid proxy.
I have a team meeting soon...I hope Tyr makes it back before I have to go to that. An hour off the phones. Whew! Not that they're bad now...not many in the queue. Thankfully. But, that time off is *always* nice (grin)
Alright, nothing important to write about...so, I'm gonna go peek at other people's lives....

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