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So, later today we're going over to Calista's. She usually has a game night on Saturdays, and a whole bunch of friends that I need to do better at keeping in touch with are there. We can take Pan and Garrett over as well, which is nice. Pan gets along with her daughter very well, and I think Pan likes going over. Yay!
Well, today we're going over earlier than the rest. She's going to go with me to Michael's so I can pick out some pattern books and various other supplies. She's going to teach me beading! Yay! I've seen some of the work she's done and its excellent! I'll be beading patterns onto a canvas type material. I'm excited about learning this. It may be another craft project thing that I don't take the time to do...but, still...and if its not, all the better.
We're also having a potluck dinner. Calista will be making spaghetti, and we'll be bringing the bread and some of those marangue cookies (thanks Orion, for starting a new addiction!). There will be salad and other tidbits brought by others. I'm looking forward to the afternoon and evening...now, if only I could get some sleep....

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