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Yesterday went well. We went over to Calista's to game and socialize. At first, we put the baby in her bedroom on the floor, but he threw a fit with that. Once we brought him out to the living room and put him in her big, overstuffed chair, he was fine. In fact, he played and slept most of the night.
He's already starting to try to crawl and turn himself over. It looks like he'll be able to roll soon, the only thing holding him back is getting over the arm that's beneath him. Whew! Busy baby!
We got there early as planned, and went to Michael's to do a bit of shopping for the beading. The girls stayed behind and went to the park to play. It wasn't that hard to get started, as Calista said she would provide beads, material for the pattern, and thread for me. We had picked out a pattern on Weds to use, and got it printed up on the transfer paper. Unfortunately, Lista couldn't find her iron.
The boys played a game until like 4 in the morning or some insane hour. No one won, but they called it quits anyway, thankfully. By that time, Calista and I went into the bedroom wtih the baby. I'd fallen asleep, all curled up next to my little man. The girls were long since in bed. We had a bit of a misunderstanding it seems - Pan had thought Amber told her there were monsters under the bed. On Wednesday, Pan came out of Amber's bedroom scared...she said that the room was creepy, and had gone into the bathroom crying. When Lista asked Amber if she had said that, Amber told her no. Of course, Pan insists that Amber did say that, and that she isn't lying. Lista seemed really sure that Amber wasn't lying. What bothered me was the fact that I couldn't be as sure about Pan. We all chalked it up to a misunderstanding and sent the girls to play a bit more before going to sleep.
Today, we went back over to Lista's in the afternoon. I'd slept all day with the baby...its nice curling up with him. I think its the heat that keeps him sleepy all day, and he eats more at night than he does during the day. I don't worry about it so much, so long as he eats enough to keep him healthy. Anyway, we went back to Lista's so she could show me how to bead. I got the stitch right, and though we couldn't do the iron on because she couldn't find her iron, we got the stuff sorted out for me to use. We could only stay about an hour because we had to be down at mom's for a little family bbq. Pan said that she had a lot of fun spending the night and would like to have more sleep overs with Amber. This is good.
When we got to mom's everyone was there already and the grill had been turned on. They were about to put dinner on. Mom wanted Fenris to set up grandma's computer, but there were still boxes everywhere and they hadn't even found the comptuer yet. Grandma's new carpet looks great..its sort of a beige color. It opens the living room up nicely.
When Pan went to say hi to grandma, she went running at her I guess and ended up pushing her over. Grandma's head hit the chair and she started bleeding. Everything's fine, but it was a bit of a scary experience. Pan, of course, was scared and upset. Fenris talked with her a little about being gentle with grandma and not greeting her like that...but we both tried hard to let her know we understood it was an accident and that everything was okay. We set up the portable playpen in the yard while we ate. I'm glad Garrett got some outside time and that he got to get out of his carrier a little. Even if grandma tried to have us put him in the carrier on a couple occassions.
All in all it was a nice time. We didn't get home until about 9:30. Now, we're trying to get Garrett to sleep in his crib. Tonight is going better than before. He's going longer stretches without loosing his binkie and fussing. We decided to try music in his room, thinking it may be just too quiet. We sleep with the tv on, so he has that going when he sleeps with us..and everyother time he's been sleeping, we've had people around so the volume tends to be a little bit high. So far, it seems to be more or less workiing. I just have to remember that its okay for him to cry for a few minutes before I go up and comfort him. Oh, and to not take him out of the crib. I did earlier, but it was only because I was feeding him.
I'm hoping the music trick will work, and we'll be able to get some sleep....

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