onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

TMI warning

And we have achieved... a stinky diaper!

Yes, this is a *good* thing...poor little man was screaming for the better part of 2 hours. *sigh* We (well, okay, Fenris) gave him some water with mineral oil in it and it seems that helped some. Its so hard to listen to him cry when you can't do anything for him. After the mineral water, he seemed to feel a little better...he'd sleep between screaming fits.

I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow. We're going to go see Finding Nemo with some friends. While this sounds like a fun activity, it means that I have to leave the little man with grandma. Oh, its not that I don't trust mom to take care of him, because I do. It's just that it'll be the longest we've ever left him with anyone else, and for that, I'm nervous. He'll be spending most of his day with her....and I'll be...miles and miles away. *nerves...lots of nerves* Yeah, I know...it'll get easier with time.
We went to WIC today. It was a quick appointment, though I didn't care for the nutritionists attitude. She actually asked me if I wanted the breast feeding to be successful. Excuse me? What the hell kind of question is that? I mean, I know I've been lax, and need to do better about the pumping and such....but, what the fuck? She told me that even though Similac and Enfameal (or whatever it is) cost the same, WIC only allows Enfameal. Why is that? If they cost the same, why can't I have my choice? She said that I could get a doctor's note to get the Similac, and that she hated how the hospital played this little game. *blink* The hospital didn't play any game....they gave the baby Similac, we decided that we wanted to keep him on it, since we knew he'd take it and it didn't cause any issues with him. grrrrr. Anyway, aside from attitude, things went well.
After the appointment, we went to mom's for a little visit and some burp clothes she'd made. Until now, we'd only had one...which needs to be washed. Badly. Just one more thing added to the 'to do' list ;) Since visiting mom's we've been home. We've actually managed to stay home and do little to nothing but hang out here for the last couple of days. I can't tell you how relaxing that's been...even with a fussy baby.
I think that's enough for now....at least, on a serious (or semi serious) entry.
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