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Not much going on in my world today, really. It's been a nice couple of days without Pan here. She's been at the ranch, riding horses *envy* I should have gotten the house clean then, but I mostly spent the time with Fenris and the baby. Tomorrow, it's probably back to having cartoons and Sponge Bob on all day long *shudder* Eh, well, its good to have her back anyway.
I have nothing really planned for tomorrow either, just getting the house picked up some and some laundry done. Whoopie. Such an exciting life I lead :P Today was spent mostly relaxing, but we had to go to mom's to pick up Pan. Mom fixed us bbq chicken and some rice. Twas nummy. Pan said she had a good time at the ranch - she got to play with some of my cousins at their house in their pool. She got to ride the horse at the ranch all by herself. Yay! We have pics....they're sooo cute. She even got to pet a steer :)
Dad sent me email giving me the times he'll be here. He's going to stay with us on the weekend of the 15th....he's coming to visit me and the baby :) I finally remembered to send him links to the page that has baby pics. I'm looking forward to his visit out here. It's been at least a year since I've seen him.
I forgot what else I was gonna post......guess that means I'm done.

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