onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Well, the weekend was busy, but I survived. It has been fun though :)
Friday, we took Garrett in for his weigh-in. He's gained weight again and is up to 7 lbs 10 oz. He's eating bigger servings now. He's still sleeping a lot during the day but is awake some at night. Thankfully, he's sleeping right now. Fenris was kind enough to watch him for awhile and hold him through all the general fussies while I played. He's been generally fussy the last few nights too - I don't know what its been. He's clean fed and burped, and still really fussy.
Later that afternoon, Pan's grandma came to get her for the weekend. We cleaned house some as well, got some other various things done. After things settled, we spent time on the puter :) Fenris has joined my MIRC roleplay now....and I'm doing okay with it so far. Heh.
Saturday, we got up *real* early in the morning to go to the Renn Faire in Gig Harbor. Bryan called and said he wouldn't be going. Meh. Well, okay....we had still planned on getting mom and heading down. Then mom called, she's not feeling well and so won't be going either. Okay, fine. Looks like its just the 3 of us then. No biggie.
It was a fun day, indeed. I stayed mostly in Orion's booth, keeping the baby in the shade. We did walk around the Faire some, and even saw the troll :) He threatened that Garrett looked like a good snack...heh. I bought some costuming! Yay me! Its a blue skirt, with a white satin chemise and a blue/silver lace up bodice. I need to get some boning done in that bodice though. I even got a snood, and one of Orion's hair clip chain thingys. Nice ensemble all in all.
We also got some homebrewed sarspirilla. Yummm. We were gonna get some of the orange cream, but the syrup didn't make it. Somehow, I don't think I want a clarification on the reasons for that. We're considering going back next Sunday and bringing Pan with us since she couldn't come this weekend.
Today, I've just been lounging about. Spent most of the day in bed with Garrett. He's almost crawling already....geesh. He gets up on his hands and knees, and tries so hard to become mobile. Fortunately, he hasn't quite figured out how to scoot himself along like that. He scoots on his back rather well though. Mrrr. He even scoots on his belly, though he doesn't crawl. He's rolling himself over already, and has discovered that he prefers to sleep on his side.

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