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Ahhhh...the quiet. I'll enjoy it while I can. Pan's in bed, the baby is sleeping...and only the bedroom tv is on to keep him company. Its on low enough that I can barely hear it out here.
Its strange...before the baby, I thrived on background noise. Needed it....I couldn't handle the total quiet. Now, I adore it. When I have a chance to have no noise, I do. Oddly, I still prefer to fall asleep to the tv or radio though. I think its a focus thing.
Today has been *much* better than yesterday. I don't feel so frazzled or upset. Its been really calm, at least internally...even with the baby fussing. Of course, he hasn't been nearly as fussy today. I even got a chance to finish most of my dinner before Garrett demanded my attention. Hell, I got to cook it.
I think I found a way for the two kidlets to spend some quality time together. I don't think I can do this daily...but, at least once a week, maybe more. She was on the floor with the baby, reading my Serendipity books to him while I cooked dinner. He didn't fuss much....and when he did, she gave him his binkie.
I spoke too soon on the peaceful thing though ;) Baby was just fussing....but I have him out here with me and he seems content. Must find something better than his carseat to put him in though...poor little guy looks so scrunched up in it. I swear he has no bones.

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