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Now for the real update...

Well, dinner at Grandma's went well on Friday. Tyr helped mom with her stereo - well, tried anyway. Grandma made some wonderful beef stew (some of which I have for lunch today..yum!). She had me set up the card table in the living room. Heh. It was interesting...never had her do that before. Tyr told me that his grandmother is the same..and that even one of my grandma's pics looks like his grandma. How scary is that? (Grin). He claims its a universal grandma thing.
Saturday he had a headache, so the morning was spent with him on the couch and me cleaning and cooking. I made some beef stew in the crock pot - so cooking was easy :) I got the kitchen clean, and some laundry done. Domestic. God. In the afternoon, we left for Jake's house. I called for directions, and as Jake's house is out way in the boonies (and I do mean boonies..and way out there)..the directions were well, somewhat difficult. Tyr got irritated with me for my navigation skills - or rather, lack thereof. However, had I been aware that I needed to be aware of gas and such - then perhaps I could have been more prepared. I knew how much gas we had, I had given him the directions as they were told to me...but, I also have no concept of distance and how it relates to gas. I don't think in those terms, I guess. Thankfully, we didn't run out of gas. Tyr's irritation soon faded. (Thankfully)

Jake has a workshop - and its absolutely splendid for play. It was warm in most spots, though it had a couple very cold spots. He has all sorts of toys, including pulleys to lift engines..and well, other creative uses (evil angel grin). And, they were used that night. It was a potluck, so there were quite a few delicious dishes out for us to nibble on. I was quite proud - I came home with only a few bites of my stew left. (grin) This makes me feel good..as I love it when people appreciate my cooking!
Tyr and I did play after watching two of the other couples. I didn't play when I was there over the summer, so I think I surprised a couple of people ;). Tyr did a beautiful rope dress on me. It was really comfortable too. When he finally took it off, it had left a few nice marks. I'm sure they're all gone today though. The guy who got Tyr started with bondage was there...he taught a seminar we went to, bondage and sex. He was very impressed with Tyr's work and wanted him to do stuff for his website. Yay!! This was Tyr's first rope harness. We were on the opposite side of the shop from everyone..and he made me parade over to the other side to show off the ropes. *sigh* I was very uncomfortable with it..the idea that they were all looking at my body. Urgh. Yes, I know, the focus was primarily on the rope work..but still. Jake got a picture of the back..and wanted to take a pic of the front..but, I was allowed to veto that. I'm not a camera person either.
Later, L was doing some suspension with the girls that were with him. It was beautiful work. I understand that they were practicing for a photo shoot the next day. I'd love to see that shoot. He asked if Tyr wanted to learn suspension since he was so good with the harness. Well, Tyr of course, said yes. And I got to be the test subject. Yikes!
It was a bit scary at first. I was facing the ground..a very basic suspension harness. It was so nerve wracking! But, after I got over the "I'm so far off the ground" butterflies, and the "What if this thing doesn't hold" worries..it was enjoyable. I think next time is still going to be a bit scary...until I learn to trust the ropes and the equipment. It isn't easy to do that. When you're up, you're absolutely powerless..if I fell, I couldn't even have caught myself, as my hands were tied behind me. And, I think, that's the scariest thing about it..being helpless to do anything, including catch yourself. Tyr made the gear swing too..talk about nerve wracking!! All in all, it was very enjoyable. I liked it. They also took pics of me suspended....said that I had to have pics of my first time...heh.
After that, we all got into the hot tub. Ahhhh...that was so nice! Tyr and I relaxed for a good hour or more in it..long after the other couples had gone back to the shop. We ended up not staying the night. Tyr said that he was wired and okay to drive home, so he did. Fortunately, we survived gas. I got some this morning on the way to work. My car loves me now :) Sunday, he went home. It was strange being without him on Sunday..and being home all alone all night long.
Now, its Monday, and I'm here. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

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