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I was looking at some pictures, courtesy of rayce. She has a link to her website. If you haven't seen, you should take a peek. I haven't looked through all the galleries, but I made it all the way through the 'people' gallery. I left her a signature in her guest book, but felt compelled to post in my journal too. The work is absolutely beautiful. I especially love that she used your average person for the model..no typical 'supermodel' types here. Its nice to see that others find beauty in people other than Cindy Crawford look alikes - or barbie wannabes. I have nothing against skinny or thin women...just the idea that you *have* to be to be beautiful. Or that you have to fit a preconcieved idea of what beautiful is. Most people don't fit this idea. Does it mean they aren't beautiful? Hell no! Rayce's models are a prime example of that. I don't think any of them fit society's preconcieved ideas of what it is to be beautiful..yet, they are very beautiful. And Rayce does an excellent job of bringing out the beauty of their individuality. Thank you Rayce...for reminding me that true beauty does exist...and that others see it.

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