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Good day

Picked up dad at the airport last night and brought him home. He got to meet Pandora and the pets as well as Garrett. Not much happened last night really, as dad was pretty tired. He gave me the information for the picture Lili painted. It has to go up either on the South or East wall, with the baby facing it for proper Feng Shui.
This morning Fenris took dad to Costco. They returned with the whole collection of Baby Einstien for Garrett, as well as a kick and drive gym. Its a pretty neat little toy. There's a foot petal that activates the lights and music when he kicks it, and when he gets to be a little older, it converts to a driving console. It was so cute, he got mad at me and threw a fit earlier. He's figuring out that he can set the noise and lights off....so he was kicking it with all his might and crying.
When they got home, we discovered that they forgot to buy batteries, so I drove dad back out to Costco. We got some formula while there....I think we'll be set on that for awhile ;) Nice *big* can of it.
Dad took us all out to dinner, mom and grandma included. We went to Old Country Buffet. They had bbq ribs there tonight, and the food was decent. Mom said that they went to an estate sale earlier. I guess one of grandma's friends had passed. So, tonight when we got home, we unloaded a glider rocking chair, a baby swing and a baby walker which can adjust to Garrett's height.
I love the glider! It even has an ottomon to go with it. We'll be putting that in the baby's room once we get it cleaned out and fully set up. That's the next project on my list, and I think I'll start it after dad leaves. I think that's it for now.

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