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I have lots to update on! I've been lazy this last week.

Tuesday - We took Garrett in for his 2 month check-up. He's a healthy little boy :) He's now 10 lbs 13 oz and 23 inches. He's doing all sorts of things and making new discoveries. He's pushing up when he's on your lap, standing with just your hands used for balancing. He's also attempting to hold his bottle on his own, and can sometimes get the binkie in his mouth on his own ;) Poor little guy got a series of 5 shots on Tuesday, and ran a mild fever that night. Fortunately, the doctor gave us some baby Tylenol to help with that. He wasn't very happy :(
Wednesday he felt better, and we spent most of the day just being home. To be honest, I don't really remember what we did on Wednesday. Oddly, Thursday and Friday are much the same. I don't think the days were really that eventful.
Saturday we took Garrett and Pan down to my mom's for overnight babysitting. We were supposed to go to Pagan Pride but never made it. I'm sorry we missed it, but kinda glad at the same time. Saturday was hectic enough! We dropped the kids off in the afternoon, then scooted up to meet Spex and company in Marysville and headed out to the party. I'll write about that in another post, as it deserves one all its own :) That and it may contain tmi for some peeps!
Mom said that Garrett fussed some, but was otherwise fine. I was a little worried about leaving him overnight - he's never been away for so long. I handled it rather well though - of course, I think the fact that I was distracted helped. Mom also said that on Sunday morning he did a projectile vomiting thing. Heh! I'm glad it was her and not me!
Sunday was the baby shower at Cheryl's for me. Not as many people showed up as was expected, but that worked out for the better I think. Cheryl has a small house, and the near 20 people there were enough to fill it. We played some games before I opened the gifts. I didn't win any of them, of course :P Still, it was fun. Poor Fenris slept through some of it - I don't blame him though, he didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. A lot of the gifts were clothing - fortunately its all clothing he needs to grow into. They were all so cute! Grandma gave him an afghan that she made when Ausha and I were little - in the event that she have great grandchildren. There's one for Ausha too, should she have children. Its a real pretty multi-colored blanket with little shell type stitches. She crocheted it, of course. We had ice cream cake. Yummy! All in all, I had a wonderful time and must send her (and mom) a special thank you note for all the work they put into it.
Today I've spent most of my time sleeping. Fenris has been kind enough to take the baby and stay with him...even now. I'm doing some laundry, and have talked to a couple people from the group on Saturday. All in all, its been a good day :)

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