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The best thing to make your life what you want, is to be happy with yourself. I want to raise the children to be happy and comfortable with themselves - regardless of their appearance (in regards to 'big' or 'skinny' and what not...true beauty comes from the inside and will reflect on the outside, regardless of physical appearance.). I know that I can stand improvement in that department....and I know that it'll take some work. I want to improve my body, but that must start with the heart and mind.
I have some goals in mind, and they may take me awhile, but that's okay. These goals are meant to...and they affect the physical area around me, which should help me some. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping. I just have to remember to do things in small bits so its not so overwhelming. My list of things to accomplish: (This is in no particular order of importance, more just the order I thought of them in)

1. Get off the computer for at least an hour a day to do something constructive with my time
2. Take a shower and get dressed (in more than lounging clothes) - regardless if I'm leaving the house or not
3. Read my Tarot cards on a daily basis - making notes throughout the day and/or before bed
4. Read from the book borrowed from Dan and do the exercises when able
5. Organize bookshelf and clean it up
6. Write! - Character backgrounds to Belariath and/or other role plays - research current projects - role play style message boards
7. Clean living room - including vacuuming and steam cleaning
8. Go for a daily walk - with or without the baby (this means getting Fenris to show me the trail he thinks is nearby.)
9. Clean Garrett's room - bit by bit
10. Clean Pan's room
11. Clean our room
12. Go through boxes - putting them in storage or donating as needed
13. -Keep- the house clean
14. Cut photos and organize stuff for scrap booking - see about a scrap booking group to put together and/or join
15. Beading
16. Cross-stitch
17. Supplemental home schooling and research on the web for Pan
18. Clean desk
19. Set up altar by desk
20. Work on my resume and work history

I may add or detract from this list depending on what I feel at any time. But, this should be an excellent start :)

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