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Well, I came back from my weekend feeling nice and refreshed. Now I just feel mildly irritated. The cable’s down and I can’t get online – which means this is going into a word pad. I’ll have to remember to back date it, I guess. I had been hoping to get some role-play in. –sigh-
On a brighter note, Fenris was kind enough to keep the baby for the weekend while I went out and did some ceramics at Angela’s. I wasn’t able to take my cards with me, due to the fact that she’s really religious and Christian. She’d view them as evil, and I need to respect her house.
I had fun, and got some creative juices flowing I think. The tiles were fired over the weekend, and I have them home with me now. I think I need to use yellows that contrast more than the ones I had. I also need to figure out how to make them so you can’t see the brush strokes quite so easily…especially in the red. I started a mug for Pan in glittery pinks and purples. The mug is like a pair of jeans. I think she’ll like it, even though I can’t glaze it for her to use as a mug…I’m sure she’ll find something to use it for.
Yesterday, Garrett got some pictures taken by Photo’s First (I think). The company that took the newborn pictures bought us a free 5X7 photo with them, and they come out to the house to take it. Mom and I tried to be back for the shoot – unfortunately we missed it by about 15 minutes. Fenris said that Garrett did well, even though he was really squirmy J The guy will give us a call in about 2 weeks and bring out his laptop so we can view the picture and some ‘fun’ stuff they can do as well as black and white. Fenris said that they do family photos as well, at no extra cost. We’ll have to look into that sometime. I think it would be nice to get some family photos done.
After hanging around here a bit, mom and I went out to Ben Franklin’s in Monroe. I never realized they had such a huge scrap booking section! They have all kinds of things – and things to make cards with too. We picked up some stuff to make thank you cards for the baby shower and stuff. All we need now is a picture of Garrett to go into the cards, which have a window. I think it’ll be fun to make them!
I think, with the internet down, I’m going to go ahead and got to bed. I can read or something….so much for me being able to role-play.

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