onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

In this effort to make myself feel useful and motivated, I must also remember to note my accomplishments during the day....even the smallest routine ones. I'm adding the list to my 'to do' list...and I'll see if I can remember to check there. Heh.
Today I've managed to give myself and the baby a bath and get us dressed. Yes, I'm in more than lounging clothes ;) I've also managed to do two readings for Tarot cards - no notes yet, but then my day isn't very far along. The baby has been fed and napped, all before Fenris woke up :) I tried to let him sleep though, since he said he only got about 3 hours on Saturday...he deserved some time to sleep in. The baby is in the swing now, and as you can see, I'm on the computer. I'm actually role-playing some...but as it dies out, I may write some more on a character history or get to work on the bookshelf or something. We'll see.

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