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Things may be looking up...

I feel hopeful today for the first time in a little bit. I woke up in a good mood, determined to do things and not spend time on the computer. Okay, well, I broke that rule, though I've managed to accomplish a couple things really.
I took my shower and did a quick grounding, cleansing and purifying ritual. Really, its for cleansing and purifying but it usually leaves me feeling grounded as well. I cast my first circle today :) In my own living room, to do my own thing. Granted I had no grand purpose for this, or even plan..I did things as it felt I should, guided by some inner thing. Anyway, I think I did alright with it. I did what I needed to do, and I hope that it works out. I'll note the results by hand in the notebook I keep for such things, I'll also note the circle and such. In the circle, I did a Tarot reading, which I still have to look up something for, but that's fine.
Fenris came home from an interview with a temp agency that provides contractors for various businesses part way through my circle casting. That was a little disruptive, mostly because I'd been in the frame of mind of having the place to myself, but I managed to recover quickly. Yay me! Anyway, he said that the interview went well, and that on Monday the guy was going to give his name out to others so that they can find him something. I'm glad he felt good about the interview, that most likely means it went decently.
After I took down my circle, I made a phone call or two myself. One was to WIC to see about getting the coupons for that again, its been awhile. They said I'm no longer on it, but Garrett is. So, I have an appointment and I need to bring Garrett (of course), any medical coupons and proof of income. Garrett and proof of income are easy (as there is no income, there's no proof for me to have to locate). The medical coupon is a bit more difficult, as I haven't recieved one for October, and don't really know if I will, since the insurance I had for the pregnancy expired on the 30th. However, I know I'm still covered by the clinic. *sigh* Confusing.
The second call I made was on a part time job I found in the Little Pickle. Its for appointment setters. I had to leave a message, and thus far haven't gotten a call back. I'm glad I took the first step though - if I don't get a call back today, I'll call again tomorrow morning. Career builders has an interesting job listed on their site, and its one I've wanted to do for some time...private investigator. This job is located in Seattle (at least the closest to us - there's Olympia and Bellingham listed too). This means though, that I have to get working on my resume ASAP. Admittedly, I've been kinda putting it off...I hate writing them, and never seem to be satisfied with my results. Not only that,but recalling job history is a bitch..I used to have it written down, but its gotten relocated and lost over the last couple years.
Right now, he's outside socializing and networking with a guy who works on and sells cars. Apparently he has a 4 door Geo Metro in the works. I'm not counting chickens before their hatched (or trying not to anyway) but this may be a good lead.
Things are looking up it seems.

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