onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Grrr..stupid LJ

I just spent like 20 minutes writing an update....and....its gone. Just gone. *sigh* Stupid thing.
Not much happening - went to mom's last weekend to finish the cards and do some scrapbooking. Neither happened - pictures that we wanted to use took too long to print. We got the cards -mostly- done, but not quite yet. Pan got some scrapbooking done.
Sunday we gamed but the energy level seemed really low, so we didn't get much done as far as the game. Tim brought a couple friends with him who may join the game later. After giving up on the game, we watched a movie before they went home.
Nothing else notable really...except an odd, perverse dream I had about dead people and sex. I'll be kind and put that behind a cut.
Today, the photo place that took Garrett's pictures came over to sell us a package and give us the free photo. We did end up ordering a package, thanks to mom. It'll be nice though - all the pictures were SO cute. We have a triple folio for mom, dad and the house (though for here its a triple collage.). The package we got allowed us to get all the prints in a 5X7. Yay!

Right...so, I was at this house with two dead people who were having sex. It was like....their bodies, but not really...more like an image of their bodies. They had, apparently, just discovered what they could do between them because they were running around the house making comments about being able to do this or that (I don't remember specific comments, more the impression that they were thrilled). I didn't see any actual sex take place, but it was obvious that's what they were up to. Though, at one point, I did see the guy fist the girl..and like push her up the wall, all movie-style. She was grinning and writhing...sounding just sort of a porn flick. During all this, there was another guy there with me, and we were watching tv...and it felt like we *trying* to ignore the fucking dead people. You figure it out...I'm not sure I want to.....

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