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I had a GREAT night!! I went up to see Jenn and Spex and everyone for Jenn's birthday. I brought the baby, since they haven't met him. Overall, he was good all night...fascinated by the other children there. He sat up on his own for a time, but kinda doubled over...even still, he was happy with that and slobbered all over his toes ;) It was *adorable* Its not the first time he's sat up on his own...he did it last weekend at mom's too. He pushed from my shoulder, sat up for a few seconds then kinda swayed forward from there. There was one kitten (really small kitten) who was curious enough to go up and check out Garrett while he was on the floor...talk about the cuteness factor. I wish I'd had a camera!
My shining moment and the reason for my amped feeling tonight is that we did Tarot readings. And I must say I did an AWESOME read!! I got details there on intuition! I had to see a couple keywords for the cards, but overall, I had it on intuition!! I got the crux of the reading...which, for her, was all internalization and decision making. I broke it down from there..and even did an extended reading on one part for her! Yay! Plus, for the first time, I read reversed cards! Yay me!
I wanna read more! NOW! bwahahaha

Yeah, so okay, anyone who wants a reading, lemme know! Oh yeah, let me just add that the deck I read with was my Aurthurian Legend deck, which I've looked at and done a couple small 3 card readings with...but its the first time I've used them for someone else, and done a cross with them! Yep, I'm amped.

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