onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Weekend in review...and a doctor's appointment for Garrett

Friday, we took Garrett to Everett Mall for trick-or-treating. We went with Spex and Jenn, who have kids the right age for doing that. Mom had given Garrett a pea pod costume, so once at the mall, we put that on him. He was sooo cute! We walked around the mall, and everyone thought he was absolutely adorable. He was the only pea pod there....saw some other really great infant costumes though. All the little kids were -so- cute! He got lots of candy for a baby who can't eat it! ;)
Saturday, we went out to the Sextopia party. I had lots of fun, though wasn't geared as much for the theme of the party as I thought I'd be. I ended up chatting in the hot tub for most of the night rather than playing. Its alright though, I don't mind in the least.
Sunday we just came home and relaxed. Took a nap before going to pick Garrett up from mom's. She said he'd been a bit fussy the night before, and rather upset when he discovered we were gone but otherwise, he was good.
Monday we had an appointment with Garretts doctor. Discovered I still have to change the insurance, which wasn't really a surprise, I just have to remember to do it. He's healthy overall, about 13 lbs now. We can start feeding him rice cereal, so we purchased some for him today. He hasn't had any yet. The doctor said it didn't offer much in the way of nutrition yet, but that it would help him suppress a reflex of the tongue. Poor little guy got four shots yesterday. He wasn't terribly happy, and did end up running a small fever I think. Its nice that we had some of the tylonal from the last visit.

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