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I have a job interview on Tuesday, with the Boys and Girls club in Kirkland. Its for administrative assistant. *crosses fingers* Much needed income, so I'm hoping. I'm excited by the prospect of working though, and I wasn't expecting a response so soon. I've been sending out resumes in masse this last week.
Mom took the baby yesterday for awhile. She came up to get him and took him down to see Cheryl and Ausha at the daycare. Apparently, he does better when he's picked up rather than dropped off. The whole "I can leave you but you can't leave me" thing. We may have to try that when asking mom to babysit.
Today, we took the baby to the library for a playgroup. It meets every Friday. I think he had fun, he was watching the other kids play...even played a little himself. Wore him right out though...heh. I think we'll be taking him back. again.

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