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Dec. 5th, 2003

This morning we went to Everett and Snohomish County Housing Authorities to apply for public housing. There's a six month to a year waiting list, with no emergency housing. The girl in Everett gave a couple suggestions on DHSH programs, but said that they may not have a voucher for emergency housing anymore, they had -one- left and may already be working with a family. This is just asinine. I mean, its like you have to -plan- to be on housing assistance.
"Oh, yeah, I think I'll just go on public housing next year..." GRRRRR
There are a couple privately owned but substitised places we're going to check into. Lista says to keep up hope, they got in sooner than the wait list. We have to find some legal papers for Fenris though, or Housing won't recognize his discharge papers. -sigh- They make it so difficult to get help that by the time you get the little bit of help you need, you end up needing more help. Frustration.
Anyway, went over to William and Jen's this afternoon to babysit for them. I bet it was nice to have an afternoon away ;) They went to dinner and a movie. They saw Gothika and said it was alright, so maybe I'll eventually watch that one. The kids were pretty good throughout, which was nice. Fenris went with me, so we brought both kidlets - which I'm sure helped hers...let them burn off energy at any rate ;) The only one that's been an issue is Garrett, he's just been fussy all day long and taking a couple hours to go to sleep, despite the fact that he's so tired he can hardly keep his eyes open.


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Dec. 6th, 2003 10:33 am (UTC)
The housing waiting lists suck, that is for sure. I don't know quite what your situation is, but I thought I'd share thsi link with you. It is a resource directory. IT is mostly for King County, and I don't know if you wish to move south a little if it means you can get housing or not. There may be some services herein that serve Snohomish County too.
THe easiest way is to do topic and then housing, and if thsoe aren't fast enough, use topics and shelter. Shelters are not all as bad as they sound. The ones we run for example, are like having your own apartment for 3 months with no rent, and a case manager who stops buy every so often and tries to help you find permeanent housing to go to when you are done. You should read the descriptions carefully, because there are some that only take single women with kids, while others take your family no matter who it is made up of. Hope this helps!
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