onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

Co-workers and customers...

You know..its just wrong when you walk by a co-workers computer and it yells "OW!". Wrong I tell ya.
Jenni kitty and I are heading down to the club tonight for the social night. Mmmhmm. Fun, fun. There's a pot luck there I think..I can't remember. I wonder who all's gonna show up? It would be cool if Zoobie showed up...she's a kick, and Jenni kitty would probably like her. IceMonster may be there...but, he's just evil. I still maintain this. He, of course, agrees. ~shudder~ Should be pretty quiet I would guess, which is alright..quiet is good. Tonight feels quiet. My horrorscope fortells that a moment of attention can be turned into lasting popularity...hmmmm. Could it be true?
I want to write something..but I'm not entirely sure what. mrph. I was just thinking of something too....guess it must not have been earth shattering.
Okay, I'll admit..I don't understand people. I have a yokel on the phone (yes, yokel)....he's not able to verify the account (naturally). People, when you call up a business, remember to have some form of verification ready! Its really not difficult...and its not a foriegn concept. I'm listening to this guy search around for a statement. He *could* have had this ready previously...but NO. Why think ahead?
Can we say DUMBASS? Hmm? Yeah, I knew we could. So, I asked him for the last 4 of his checking account number...he wants to give me the last four of his soc. Uhm, no. Don't have that. Sorry. Shall I spell it out? c-h-e-c-k-i....yadda. If I say it slow enough, will he get it? The big answer....no. He has to ask what I mean.....of course, I did say check debit and not checking account...my bad. Of course, silly me thought he'd follow along. WRONG. So, then he gets pissy because he has to go look up the info...lets all feel sympathy for the naughty customer, shall we? Yeah, that's what I thought.
I know I shouldn't waste this much energy on a customer...but, sometimes it amuses me. Evil little angel that I am (huge evil grin)

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