onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

I watched NW Afternoon yesterday, and the guest they had talked about soft addictions and how they can take away from your life rather than adding to it. What she said made perfect sense, and I think I'll follow some of her advice. The goal isn't so much to cut out the soft addictions as to realize what they are, and why you have them...as well as add things to enrich your life.
I think, for now, I'll add to my life an hour of my day where I do things around the house. Doesn't matter what it is...cleaning, packing, laundry, whatever. I know that once I get through things, I'll feel much better. I think I'll also add an hour to my day where I write, or do things related to my writing, such as research. That's 2 hours out of my day, and I can afford them.
The idea is that by adding things that enrich your life, you'll subtract from the amount of time/money/resources your soft addictions take, and you'll be fulfilled. I've come to realize too, that I can't worry about anyone else's fulfillment...I have to worry about mine, and change things for myself. When I start feeling good on the inside, my environment will change to reflect that. This can mean a lot of things, but in the end, whatever it means will be better for me and my son.

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