onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

More trials and tribulations...

Yesterday, we went up to DHSH to apply for TANF. Well, we had an appointment to see if we qualify, which we do. However, to qualify, we both have to go to the work first program....which is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I don't have an issue with this, and understand why they do it. My complaint, however, is that during this time, I'm supposed to be looking for day care -and- a place to live. I'm wondering just how I'm going to manage that, when I'm there all day. I'm screwed for next week, because the only day I have child care for Garrett for sure is Monday. I've called the resource line they gave me for child care - amazingly, they're open M-Th until 4:30....which means that I can't call unless I manage to do it from a pay phone between classes, because I won't be home until after *bangs head* I did call and leave a message today. As far as finding a place to live...I'm supposed to find a 2-3 bedroom apartment/house/whatever cheap. Our allowance per month will be $642, this covers -everything- we need i.e., rent, gas, child care, utilities...everything but food, the food card will do that. I mean, I understand they don't want people buying cadillacs off welfare...but, Jesus, can I -live-?! $642 a month for a family of 4. I looked yesterday online, and couldn't find any apartments that we can rent and still have money to cover expenses. *sigh* I'm poor.....and I want help.....but, by the time I -get- that help, it isn't worth much...and it isn't really help. I don't get it.
On a much brighter side, I have a phone screen interview with Comcast tomorrow. Thanks Kyros for sending me the notice! Its for a collections type job, but I've done it before. Sounds like its mostly incoming calls and research...which works dandy for me. Its M-F and pays almost $11 to start. That, and its right here in Everett. I can cope! ;) I'm hoping that it goes well *crosses fingers*

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