onyx (onyxangel) wrote,

And thus, the new year begins...

And it didn't begin all that great. Major issues from the start...and no, I don't particularly care to go into full detail at the moment, I don't have the energy. We spent the day moving..in fact, we've spent the last three days moving. Thankfully, we've had help from Fenris' friend Mike. Naturally, the move didn't go as smoothly as I would have liked...but, that's my fault for waiting until the last moment. I'd like to be frustrated with Fenris, but in all honesty, I -could- have packed the house earlier myself.
I also didn't get to see my son for new years, as he's been with my mom since Sunday. I wanted to, had plans to....but, that was fucked up royally. Icy conditions and a severe lack of concern (from my point of view) on someone's part. I think we're working it out some.
Today has been long, and I'm not sure how much better its been. Finished up with a load of little things, took the cat to mom's and picked up Garrett. Bear's settling in okay, I think...even if the girls (Malice and Marble) are throwing fits whenever they see him. Poor guy is out numbered.
I've been trying to get Garrett to sleep in his crib...and he did for a little bit before he started fussing again. I've been trying to do this the last 2 hours...Fenris comes in, takes him from me, puts him in the crib...and when the baby started crying took him to lay down with him. I just feel like I endured 2 hours of fussing, crying and screaming for nothing. But, if I say anything to him he'll tell me he never does anything right. *grinds teeth in frustration* I love cuddling with my son...but, I want my bed back. -sigh-
Happy fucking new year.

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