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Good news...

I am now one of the gainfully employed! Kelly Temporary Services officially hired me yesterday. I don't have an assignment yet, and thus, not getting paid...but, employment is a step in the right direction. He has a position that he was thinking of for me though - now its just a matter of getting things finalized with the client. Woo!
So much has been happening lately, its been hard to keep it all stored away to do an update. I have internet again..high speed now, rather than the dial up we were using before. No phone for the moment - that's another story with Verizon, suffice it to say, we are going to use another service.
Jenn's in California right now, and soon on her way to Texas. She left last Saturday. Things have been a little hectic, and there have been some changes around the house. All in all, its looking better...and improving from there. The children now have chores and reward systems for doing those chores. Everything is going smoothly, actually..despite the fact that the house is still somewhat in chaos.
I started working out with mom at the end of last month. Today was my 3rd visit. So far, so good. I've really been enjoying it, and it seems to work better for the both of us if we set up days/times to meet at the gym. She's already joined the gym, and I think, as soon as I start generating income, I will too. That is still in debate though..probably better to hold off a little longer to decide. Mom said it was $150 to join and $65/mo but she has a discount through the Discovery thing we had passes through, so she's only paying $54 a month. I'm not sure if the discount is offered through the whole program, or if maybe they just offered it to her to 'seal the deal'....but, still, $65/mo isn't bad if I'm really using it. That gives a personal trainer, access to any of the gyms and a few other things. Its also a year commitment, so if I do it, I want to be sure.
I was supposed to have my appointment with a personal trainer today, but the girl never showed up. The gym was really great about it though - they're assigning a new trainer to mom and I, and have rescheduled for Thursday. In the meantime, one of the trainers (and may I just say yum.) showed us the Ocilator machines and how to use them. The embarassing part is, he saw how much I weigh...but, at least, I'm getting in and working on that. I liked the machine...but, wow! After 17 minutes (they wanted me to do 20), my legs felt like rubber! It was great though - this cold or whatever it is, was sweated out of me I think! LOL
I'm feeling energized now, and there are things that need to be done around the house. Garrett's sleeping, so I'd better take advantage of both energy and 'down' time for the half-pint. He's not been feeling well lately either...poor guy, his little nose is all clogged up and he's sneezing. His first cold...and he's handling it pretty well, I think.

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